Body relief

Five-Day Service Complex “Body Relief for Health, Energy and Beauty from Tiptoes to the Radiant Face”


                             We offer you a 5-day rest with procedures cultivating and strengthening the body – all this is designed for your health, energy and beauty. This includes body peeling with herbs and honey, pearl-whirlpool herbal baths, underwater massage, steam bath, bathing in a massage whirlpool bath as well as other procedures. Based on herbs.


The price includes the following services for each person:

  • Accommodation in the chosen-type room
  • Breakfast and Supper
  • Natural fruit juice every day
  • Teas (herbal tea, tea with ginger, honey-bush tea)
  • Daily herbal cocktails
  • Entire body peeling with herbs – 1 procedure
  • Pearl-whirlpool, herbal bath - 2 procedures
  • Turkish sauna complex with honey peeling, washing, steam bath, bathing in massage whirlpool bath, general entire-body massage – 1 procedure
  • Procedure for legs “Light Legs” (leg and foot peeling with herbs, revitalization, mask and massage) – 1 procedure
  • Underwater massage – 2 procedures
  • General body massage, 30 min. -1 procedure
  • Procedure for hands with mask and massage – 1 procedure
  • Procedure for face and neck – skin revitalization with mask and light massage – 1 procedure


We will treat you so that you had a good rest at our hotel.

  • The price for one person in a single room is 380,00 EUR .
  • The price for 2 persons for a 5-day stay in a double room is 655,00 EUR .

PRICES from 76,00 Eur for night